Neat Stuff Things by Others that I Find Interesting


"Statistics is the art of numerical conjecture about puzzling questions."

Freedman, Pusani, & Purves. Statistics, Fourth Edition


A Young Man with Asbergers: Daniel Wendler at the University of Arizona

John Forbes Nash: A Brilliant Madness PBS Documentary

Treatment of Psychois in Finland Mary Olson and the Open Dialogue Approach

And on a lighter side there's the Mean Kitty Song

You must be crazy! ---- You Want to be a Clinical Psychologist?


Leonard Bernstein at Harvard with some profound insights into the Twentieth Century (not bad for a Harvard guy)

Thoughts from Erik Erickson --- and not just Development

Dunning-Kruger effect - How many people do you know who have this problem?

New York Times article about psychological research (most important stuff is not on first page)

STOP IT-- Bob Newhart's Approach to Therapy ---- It's a Classic!

Jared Loughner The Young Man who Shot the Congresswoman: Who Failed Here?

A Major, Mostly Forgotten Figure in Psychology - Lev Vygotzky

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford University (HUH? READ IT!)



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