Age for girls to start wearing a bra

Getting a bra for the first time is a huge deal for a girl. There are ways to tell when you need to start wearing a bra. On average girls start wearing bras by the age of 11. There is no specific rule or standard on what age should girls start wearing a bra. Some people start it based on their personal decision others follow their parent’s decision.

When should girls start wearing bras?

There is no specific book that tells you of the age requirement of when should girls start wearing bras. However, some signs may state that it’s time for you to wear a bra. This is when your breasts start to develop. Those signs are as follows:

  • Spotting the signs of breast development- if you see a small breast bud poking through your shirt then it’s time to get your first bra. For people who don’t know what a breast bud is, they are small buds that appear under each nipple.

  • Tender or sore breasts- it is normal to experience tenderness or soreness in your breast, this states that you are showing signs of breast development.
  • Darker nipples- the skin around the nipples and areola will start to get darker and bigger. And the breast will start to grow in a lump of pointy shape.
  • Recognize the signs of puberty- other than breast bud there are other signs of approaching puberty, such as the growth of pubic hair. Puberty causes the girl to gain weight, especially in the belly area. The girl starts menstruating as well.

Find the right bra for your first time

Try a training bra for your very first bra. These bras are very comfortable to wear in the beginning when the nipples start to protrude.