The Benefits of an Efficient Immigration Service

The immigration service was created to foster immigration. Protecting and transporting people from one side of the Earth to another, often strangers with different skills, languages, cultures and sometimes competing interests is their mission. Therefore it’s essential that they act quickly and efficiently in order to facilitate smooth movement of people, money and goods. Here are some benefits of an efficient immigration service:

It Protects the Country

The immigration services in Vancouver, BC safeguards citizens of a nation from birth and death, from foreign wars, as well as facilitate trade between countries and people movement to improve lives for its people. Thus, this service plays an integral role in national defense strategy.

It creates jobs and economic growth

Immigration creates jobs. Countries with a high population of immigrants, such as Australia, the United States and New Zealand – rich countries with many new arrivals – will typically create more employment opportunities to accommodate them.

Economic growth is also fostered through globalization, as it necessitates the use of resources to facilitate movement of goods – particularly on a large scale – as well as money transfers for those resettling abroad.

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It improves living standards

Many people relocate to other countries in an effort to better their living standards, and if these immigrants are skilled, it will boost the supply of human resources – an indicator which contributes to labor productivity and economic growth.

It facilitates trade

Immigration services facilitate free movement of goods and capital between countries, making trade easier while stimulating competition and the concept of comparative advantage. By doing so, a country can avoid disruption due to costly imports or trade restrictions.

It helps the economy by increasing labor supply

Immigration services also increase labor supply by enabling immigrants to relocate within a country and settle down. They facilitate capital transfer from rich countries to poor ones through remittances – payments made by immigrants in their home nations – which in turn allows those countries to develop and raise living standards.

It avoids brain drain

This is a widespread phenomenon in poor countries, where skilled individuals leave to pursue opportunities in rich countries. Migration and the services that facilitate it play an integral role in maintaining human capital in these poor regions, thus avoiding brain drain. This benefits both poor and rich countries alike.