Most Exciting Tour On Sanibel Island: Find Expensive Sanibel Shells 

Regardless if you are an adult or a teenager, everyone has a bustling life these days. In these hectic jobs and work schedules, most people ignore the fact that you also need rest mentally alongside physical rest. If you are thinking about yoga and meditation, you might as well drop the idea. It hardly seems to work in any case. Well, we have for you the most intriguing holiday destination on a comely beautiful island.

What makes Sanibel beaches so memorable?

Shelling– It is the most popular activity to do when on Sanibel Island. You cannot walk on the beaches of Sanibel without having to indulge in the beautiful and vibrant Sanibel shells. These remarkable beaches have few of the rarest seashells. You can find about 250 kinds of seashells on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico that are categorized from common to rarest.

Should you take a cruise?

Absolutely yesyou must hop into the luxury cruise and enjoy watching the sunset and pod of dolphins racing alongside your cruise. No matter which cruise you choose, big or small, you will enjoy these everlasting moments. With years of experience in this business, your safety is their priority.

Places to visit in Sanibel

  1. J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge– Hop into the open-air bus to enjoy the mesmerizing view. A naturist guides you around the refuge alongside pointing out everything of interest along the way. Things you might see during this tour: Manatee, Dolphin, Alligators, Raccoons, Snakes, Iguanas, and every type of Florida birds like Eagles, White Pelicans, Brown Pelicans, Egrets, cormorants, and a bunch more.
  2. The Sanibel Lighthouse– This lighthouse makes it to the must-visit list due to its structure that stands still for more than a century. You can enjoy seeing the unique construction of the lighthouse and surrounding buildings. Although the lighthouse itself is not accessible, you can enjoy a stroll around the lighthouse. The fun doesn’t stop here. Visit the nearby fishing pier and watch a few fish reeled in by the fishermen.

What more can you enjoy?

Take your family or friends for a luscious dinner. Seafood? Of course, there is no better experience than having seafood in a sea-facing restaurant. Grab a bottle of beer or champagne and dig in! Enjoy a variety of fishes, crabs, and Sanibel’s special lobster. Also, every restaurant boasts about the Sanibel culture that allows you to see their dance and specially organized events almost every night.

A trip to this island, worth it? 

Yes, it is worth one visit. You experience the island’s pleasant surroundings, historical monuments, and fascinating engineering work. But don’t just visit it for a day or two. Design a well-planned package of 6-8days and enjoy its cheerful and plush environment.