Three Ways To Make Playing Pokemon Go 

Pokemon go is probably one of the most popular, most hyped and the most successful pokemon game there is for the reason that it used technologies to allow people to utilize their mobile devices to catch pokemon. Basically in a nutshell it allowed more interactive and immersive gameplay that made people go bananas about it. If you love playing pokemon or you love pokemon surely you joined in the crazy when it first came out.

Three Ways To Make Playing Pokemon Go

Although it’s fun at first, you will realize soon that it’s not that easy to play the game since it requires a lot of work physically. It can take a toll on you and your addiction can make you miss a few appointments. It takes so much of your time and although it can help you have a really good workout the fcat is that if it doesn’t earn you money it’s not that all worth it. Because In the real world being a pokemon player doesn’t pay the bills. So how can you make it fun while does not sacrifice a lot of time, effort, and money?

Have your priorities sorted: Never prioritize it especially if its family time or work time. Never compromise the things that you have because pokemon go relies on it as well. You can play pokemon go with your kids, and play pokemon go during break and when you’re out of the office. The game is so addictive that it can take so much of your time from family and work that it will affect our relationship with both. so learn to control especially if you’re the primary person paying all the bills.

Learn to monetize it: Playing Pokemon Go can be considered as a waste of money until you monetize it. There are ways to do it and following the formats in video streaming platforms like Twitch can be a good way to start. The best thing about monetizing it through those types of platforms is that you don’t have to invest in very expensive hardware just for you to play the game.

Frustration is the real enemy: Leveling up and getting your avatar to be better will take some time. Hard work will pay off but not as much as for people that have money playing in it that has the necessary funds. If you love playing pokemon go and you think that you need to achieve a certain level of being a trainer before you lie low on your playing perhaps buying a pokemon go accounts eBay is the way to go. Its the easiest way really.

Playing pokemon go is a realization that becoming a pokemon trainer is now possible. The only problem is that it doesn’t pay the bills and your playing time can be a waste for other people and tasks that get affected by your excessive playing. If you want to make your playing worthwhile why not balance your time, monetize it or just buy an account with a higher level