Features to check while buying proxy

Proxies are more helpful both for your business and personal use to secure all your online activities. Buying your first proxy can be extremely challenging. Because there are overwhelming options that you can find online while purchasing online. Not all proxy providers that you find on the internet will provide you with the best services. So, it is essential to know about proxies and their features before you make a purchase. Proxy-Seller.com is the best proxy providers that offer proxies with excellent features. Some of the most common features that the best providers will have in common are given below.


When it comes to a proxy, speed matters. There is nothing better than a strong internet connection. So, it is essential to find a proxy provider that does not limit speed or threads you can use to connect. It is always best to go with unmetered bandwidth and lightning-fast speeds. In this way, you can use your proxy at your leisure and avoid annoying downtime.


Variety of locations:

Many prefer using proxies to bypass locations and unblock content in different regions. To make that possible, you need to choose the proxy servers that are located in different places. Proxy-Seller.com provides a vast array of countries, you will have more options and have the luxury of buying multiple proxies in one place.

Subnet diversity:

A subnet is a logical subdivision of an IP network. If different proxies share the same subnet, it can be hard to fly under the radar. Proxies are the perfect way to stay anonymous online, but some proxy companies do not offer subnet diversity. If you make multiple requests from the same subnet, there is a high chance of getting your IP address banned. For this reason, you want to choose the best proxy provider that offers various subnets.