Why You Must Take Help of the Professional Collocation Service Provide?

Collocation hosting has become quite common as many businesses find themselves totally dependent on the IT equipment & necessity to have the data secure & available every time. Most of the companies do not want any kind of hassle of maintaining or monitoring the equipment, and some do not have enough infrastructure and expertise of doing it on their own.

As collocation is a bit broad topic and most of the customers ask specific questions, so we have decided to provide complete details for everybody to learn about Dallas colocation. First, let us check out some top features of collocation data centers:


The collocation data facilities generally have the backup generators with different levels of the redundancy or battery backup solutions and uninterruptible power supplies, which depend upon the facility you choose for your business.


Collocation provides space in provider’s data facility for your IT needs. Such facilities are generally audited for the reliability and include cabinets, racks as well as cable trays for the equipment.

Collocation Service to Choose From

Cooling Feature

Collocation services offer cooling systems that will protect your hardware, generally including the redundant HVAC systems & chiller configurations (like centrifugal chillers, water loop pumps and cooling towers).

Proper Physical Security

Most of the collocation data centers maintain top levels of the physical security, which includes on-site guards, 24 by 7 surveillance & biometric authorization.

More About Collocation Data Center

Collocation data facilities are not reserved for the big companies anymore with the unlimited resources like it was before. Most of colos provide customizable solutions as well as have extended the offerings to include the managed services, which support the customers’ business initiatives. The collocation services include:

  • Assembly & testing to check equipment
  • Inspection of equipment
  • Inventory analysis
  • Highly trained staff

Relying on the professional collocation data center helps you eliminate your capital expenditures of building & maintaining your facility whereas allowing you retain the ownership & control of the physical servers. But, it still needs you to shoulder any upfront hardware expenses, and involves higher travel costs for engineers in an event they want to access the equipment manually.