How To Make A Glass Stovetop Cleaner At Home?

So you have finally got tired of looking at those charred tops of your stove and have decided to clean them once and for all. It is a really painful job for those who hate cleaning, and the charred ends that you have to rub off make it even more depressing. Fortunately, there exist so many glass stovetop cleaners in the market.

However, these glass stovetop cleaners have so many variations and modifications that you might get the wrong one for your stove, and somehow it would corrode your glass stovetop. Plus, to go all the way to the store just for cleaning this stove? In this article, you would find all the basics as to how you can make a glass stove top cleaner at home. Read more to find out.

You Need To Know About Glass Stove Top Cleaner

Points you need to consider while cleaning your glass stove:-

Before making a DIY glass stove top cleaner, you need to be aware of the following points:-

  1. Clean only when it is cool.
  2. Use a minimal amount of chemicals.
  3. Check your manufacturing guidelines.
  4. Use simple tools.

For cleaning:-

If you want a glass stove top cleanerfor a daily basis, you can make one at home. Take an old perfume bottle of which the top can be removed, and there is a spray attached to the same. Pour in 95ml of acetic acid (vinegar), 3ml of lemon juice, and 2g salt. Please give it a good mix and use it as a cleaner. Make sure that you wipe in a unidirectional way with a fibre cloth. For heavy cleaning, put baking soda and do the same thing.